Akame Ga Kill: Adramelech, The Lightning Fist

In Akame Ga kill, most of the powerful players are in possession of an imperial arm and Adramelech, the imperial arm that utilizes lightning belongs to the highest ranking military official in the imperial army, Great General Budo. General Budo was thought to be the only person whose strength rivaled that of Esdeath who is the user of Demon’s Extract the ice based imperial arm. Unfortunately, we currently do not know what the materials used as well as the base danger beast use in the crafting of Adramelech as it was not revealed during the main story of Akame Ga kill. However, based on its abilities we can assume that the danger beast must have had some ability to generate or control lightning and electricity as this is the primary ability of the Adramelech. 

Adramelech took the form of 2 yellow gauntlets that the user wore on both arms with each having a large metal rod protruding from the top of the gauntlet that measured the entire length of the arm. The gauntlets also had a scope so the user could better aim some of their abilities as well as a charge meter that could measure the amount of electrical charge the gauntlets had in reserve. It’s unknown whether these parts were added later or were originally part of the imperial arm but much like Pumpkin, which came with different attachments it’s more likely they were made alongside the original gauntlets.

The abilities of Adramelech revolved around lightning and electricity in that it was able to generate, control and even shape lightning to be used as a weapon. The user can augment their normal attacks with lightning or shape them into projectiles which can be used to attack their opponents. These projectiles can take the shape of a beam of energy, an electrical orb and  even generic lightning strikes. This gives them tremendous attack power and versatility as lightning is fairly difficult to guard against and the attacks are fast enough that make them difficult to dodge as well. It was shown to also be able to influence the weather to some capacity as General Budo was able to call down a thunderstorm and have lightning rain down on his targets. 

General Budo, similar to Esdeath, was also able to use the lightning to grant himself the ability to levitate by charging himself with electricity. He is then able to fly at relatively fast speeds as he was shown to be able to chase down a danger beast even when he was far away. It is also possible that the lightning and electricity be manipulated to grant defensive capabilities such as shields that can block projectiles or even surrounding oneself with electricity to discourage melee attacks but this was never seen in the manga or the anime.

Finally, like all imperial arms, Adramelech has access to a trump card which is a powerful attack or state the weapon is able to achieve. The trump card is called solid shooter and allows its user to concentrate and charge a large amount of electricity and fire it off as a powerful black coloured electrically charged beam capable of decimating its surroundings with a single blast. In the anime this same ability was shown slightly differently as it was shown to be a charged ball of electricity the Budo throws instead of a beam. 

While the offensive capabilities of this imperial arm is without a doubt one of the more stronger ones shown in both the manga and anime it does come with some drawbacks. The main weakness is that it relies on a fixed charge and once this charge is depleted the imperial arms are rendered useless until they can be recharged. It’s unknown if this can be done mid battle but in prolonged battles this weakness becomes fairly evident but it’s likely that due to its raw power General Budo has never been in a situation where this has happened and thus would never have prepared for it. Another weakness is that the user can’t augment the power of the lightning more than what it can do at base. In normal circumstances this isn’t a problem as the lightning can simply overwhelm everyday opponents however during his battle with Night Raid, his lightning was overpowered by an augmented Pumpkin which blew through his lightning and ultimately killed General Budo. 

Throughout Akame Ga Kill we only saw Adramelech during a few short fights between General Budo and Night Raid, it’s likely one of the more powerful imperial arms as it allows the user some extraordinary offensive and defensive capabilities and even grants them partial control of the weather. In a small skirmish the abilities maybe slightly limited but if we consider them in the context of a larger battle the ability to hit multiple targets would put this squarely on par with even Demon Extract.

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