Akame Ga Kill: Extase, The Snipping Tool of Death

In Akame Ga Kill, we see many imperial arms take the form of conventional weapons like guns, armor or swords but Extase is the exception to this and while its offensive power makes it suitable as a weapon its form is rather peculiar as it takes the shape of a giant pair of scissors with black handles. The weapon is fairly unconventional and it isn’t explained why this particular form was adopted for an imperial weapon but its abilities and viability as a weapon is unquestionable when we see it wielded throughout the story.

Throughout the Akame Ga kill story there is no mention as to what materials and crafting methods were used in the manufacture of Extase or whether a danger beast was even used. While the Imperial Arm does have some unique features they seem rather normal compared to some of the more outlandish abilities that other imperial arms provide their users. It’s more likely that due to its more grounded abilities, the weapon was forged using an extremely rare material rather than involving a danger beast as material. 

The main ability of Extase is in its peerless cutting ability which is said to allow it to cut through almost any material even extremely durable Imperial Arms such as Incursio which is an armour thought to be impenetrable. The blade itself is rather large, almost the whole length of a person and is able to be used as a shield to block attacks and projectiles such as bullets due to how durable the material of the blade is. It was able to block attacks from Seryu’s weapons as well as powerful attacks from Hekatonkheires, a biological imperial arm without much damage to the blade. The blade also seems to be rather light as most of its users did not seem to expand much effort in maneuvering it or attacking with it.

Like most Imperial Arms, Extase also has a trump card which can provide an advantage to its user and this ability causes Extase to emit a large amount of light outwards that can blind and obscure the vision of those around. It’s mostly used as a way to create an opening for an attack or to escape and is mostly used as a distraction to allow the user to follow up with whatever action they feel is useful at the time. The name of the ability isn’t unknown but when it was used, the name Extase was called out which was followed by an intensely bright light. 

Throughout Akame Ga Kill, Extase has been used by several people namely Sheele, Kaku and an unknown resistance member during the last fight. Most other Imperial arms require some sort of attachment condition for them to activate the Imperial Arms but in Extase case this may be a very low requirement due to the number of users we see during the course of the anime and manga. Ultimately, there isnt much other information on Extase and while it is still technically an Imperial Arm its one of the few that is rather normal and straightforward and is mostly just used as a giant weapon.

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