Akame Ga Kill: Pumpkin, The emotion based laser cannon

In Akame Ga Kill, the Roman Artillery Pumpkin is one of the few Imperial arms that takes the form of a gun and is quite powerful in the right hands. Pumpkin is also unique in that it was one of the few imperial arms which came with different attachments and could be modified to allow pumpkin to be used at different ranges. The gun also did not use any typical ammunition and instead used spirit energy and fired off an energy beam as a projectile which was strong enough to decimate foes if used under the right conditions. The current user of the weapon is Mine, a Night Raid member, while its previous user was the leader of Night Raid and former general, Najenda.

During the main story, it was not revealed how the Pumpkin was manufactured or what materials was used in its creation but it was shown to be catalogued in a book recording information on all Imperial arms. There is also no mention of a danger beast part being used in its manufacture but seeing as how the ammunition used and projectile fired from this gun is unconventional to say the least we can reasonably assume that some magical or alchemical method was used to achieve this. The weapon also came alongside 3 different parts that can allow the gun to be effective at different ranges as well as a scope that can be attached to improve the sights similar to Adramelech that also came with scope. 

The gun has 3 main forms or modes, the sniper form, machine-gun form and the long barrel form each of which served to function at different ranges and different intensities. The long barrel was mostly for pure power, the sniper barrel was for long ranges and the machine gun barrel was used for multi-shooting at close to mid ranges. These attachments had to be manually removed and changed whenever Mine needed the gun for different uses making it relatively difficult to use once an enemy brought the fight to close quarters. However, this circumstance can actually be beneficial as the strength of the shots fired by pumpkin relates directly to how much danger the user is in, which is its main ability. The more dangerous the situation, such as a life threatening one the more powerful the beam that is shot. Thus skilled users like Mine will wait until the very last moment to ensure the shot is as powerful as it can possibly be. 

Aside from that the weapon itself is quite durable and is able to block attacks and some barrels specifically the long barrel can even be used as a makeshift blade in tough situations. Like all imperial arms in Akame Ga Kill, Pumpkin has a trump card as well known as the cut-down shot. This mode is only available in the long barrel mode and causes the gun to fire a huge continuous beam that acts as a giant laser blade cutting down anything it comes into contact with. The strength of the beam is also dependent on the emotions of its user at the time but can overheat the weapon rendering it useless after. Mine however, has shown that through proper maintenance and skill this ability can be used several times without overheating it allowing her to use it to surprise her opponents mid battle.  

While the weapon is powerful and gives the user a first shot advantage it does come with some weaknesses. The first is that as the weapon’s strength scales with the emotions of its user there are circumstances where the shots released are more powerful than anticipated which will cause the weapon to overheat preventing it from being shot for a short duration. In addition, because the weapon tends to fire overwhelmingly powerful shots, after the first shot the user’s position is revealed and quick opponents are able to attack them from the rear where they are most vulnerable. This is why users of this imperial arm are typically paired up with a partner who is able to protect their backs. 

Unfortunately during Night Raids final battle Mine overloaded this weapon in order to kill General Budo, which she succeeded in doing, but caused irreparable damage to the imperial arm and is likely unusable. The weapon however is nonetheless powerful and in the right hands was exceptionally versatile allowing its user a myriad of options to face opponents with. When paired with a partner than can cover their backs the weapon is essentially a turret capable of decimating entire armies and city blocks especially when its user is in imminent danger.

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