Akame Ga Kill: Susanoo, The Biological Teigu

In Akame Ga Kill, there are a very rare few imperial arms that don’t fall into the typical categories and Susanoo is one of these. As most imperial arms are inanimate tools, their usage and practicality falls to the user in the midst of a battle, without someone to swing the sword or wear the armor the imperial arm is just a tool. Susanoo however is one of the few imperial arms in Akame ga kill that is considered a biological/humanoid imperial arm and can act of his own will, albeit with a little life force provided by his user.

While most other imperial arms are made from the combination of strong metals such as orichalcum and parts of danger beast, it is difficult to speculate what the creation process is for biological or humanoid imperial arms such as Susanoo. It is likely that some form of alchemical or magical means was used to create him and most likely only the core of the imperial arms would need to be created. However, as there are only a handful of biological imperial arms this is purely speculation. Susanoo when activated takes the form of a tall male with blue hair and his core is located on his chest. He typically wears a white and red garb and has 2 horns on his head.

Before we get into his combat abilities, I first have to mention that combat is not the only use Susanoo has. As first mentioned by Najenda, Susanoo also functions somewhat as a maid to support its user and team during downtime between missions. Throughout Akame Ga Kill, after Susanoo was introduced to Night Raid he served mostly to help with the chores such as cooking and cleaning as well as act as a sparring partner for Tatsumi when he was training during the teams down time. This does not mean however that he was weak as his combative abilities were on par with his cooking abilities 

In combat he is mostly a melee fighter and wields a weapon called the Wolf Fang Mace which is a staff with a large cylindrical attachment at its end which hides several rotating blades he can summon making him quite versatile as he can attack with slashing blades or blunt force. As the staff is quite large it also shows off how strong Susanoo is as he was shown to break entire walls of ice summoned by Esdeath by merely swinging the weapon. He also has the innate ability to see the weak points of any object or person which allows him to cause severely more damage with less effort such as breaking a boulder with a simply thrust of his weapon. He mentions that this is due to his obsession over imperfections making irregularities on a person or object much more obvious to him. Because he is an imperial arm he is also unaffected by conventional weapons such as poisons or toxins and is able to regenerate any damage he takes as long as his core is still intact.

The way Susanoo works is that the user must sacrifice a bit of their life force. Like all imperial arms, Susanoo also has access to a trump card which is called the Magatama Manifestation. Upon activation Susanoo will drain a large amount of life energy from his user and enter an armored mode which changes his appearance. His hair turns white and a large wheel appears floating behind him. His signature weapon, the Wolf’s Fang Mace, also disappears and he gains the use of 3 abilities only accessible in this form.

The first ability is Yata no Kagami where he uses the large wheel behind him to create a mirror which reflects any projectile type attacks. He used this in his fight with Esdeath to return the icicles which she shot at him.

The 2nd ability is Ame no Murakumo, where in place of his previous weapon he now summons a long translucent sword which was powerful enough to easily cut through Esdeath’s ice wall. 

Finally his third ability is Yasakani no Magatama which is a power boost he can activate which increases his speed and strength multiple times. This form was exceptionally strong, so much so that Esdeath had to resort to using her Trump card, Mahapadma, to defeat him. Despite this, his trump card comes at a relatively high price as it requires large amounts of life energy from their user and as such carries a tremendous risk. The user is only able to activate this mode 3 times in total and after the third they will have expended too much life force to survive resulting in immediate death. We have not seen this actually happen during Najenda’s usage of Susanoo as he was defeated before she could do so.

Overall Susanoo is a very versatile imperial arm as it has uses outside of just combat. In addition, due to it being autonomous the user can easily enter the combat to outnumber a singular opponent and ensure victory. The only reason he was even destroyed was because Esdeath used an ability that was overwhelmingly powerful otherwise she might have had a hard time dealing with Susanoo and may have ended up even losing.

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