Demon Slayer: Demon Blood Arts Explained

I like talking about abilities, and most of the blog posts on this site cover stories about the abilities or powers of manga characters like the zanpakuto from bleach or the imperial arms from Akame Ga Kill. I enjoy writing and talking about them because each manga is endlessly unique and each character has their own unique fighting style or weapon. 

As you may have stumbled upon some, we also cover stories about demon slayer and the breathing styles the demon slayers use to combat demons. Despite how strong the demon slayer corps is, this doesn’t mean the demons are pushovers and alongside their supernatural strength a small group of demons also have access to Blood demon arts which will be the focus of this article. 

Demon Slayer: Blood Demon Arts background

In Demon Slayer Blood Demon Arts are supernatural abilities that demons can use but are more akin to spells than anything else. This ability is only reserved to those who are higher level demons especially those who are directly linked or have received a large dosage of Muzan Kibutsuji’s blood. Alternatively lower ranking demons can gain access to this ability if they have consumed enough humans and gain more strength. All blood demon arts will use the demon’s own blood as a medium to manifest itself and can have varying effects depending on the demon.

The variation in abilities can be rather wide with some being able to do basic things like creating illusions or putting people to sleep while stronger demons are able to go so far as to control the minds of others, create elements such as fire and ice or even manipulate a particular space to their wishes. These abilities make higher ranking demons much more difficult to deal with as it’s hard to predict what their blood demon arts allow them to do since they can be random.

At muzan’s level, because he is able to freely control his cells its unsure whether he can just will himself the abilities that other demons possess. In the manga we have only seen him augment his physical and regenerative powers without exhibiting the abilities from other demons but he could presumably do so since they mostly stem from his blood.

How do demons use their blood arts

In Demon Slayer Blood Demon Arts are typically used by demons to hunt down humans or battle demon slayers but there are 2 instances where the demon blood arts have developed to specifically target demons. The first is Nezuko whose demon blood art is exploding blood. Nezuko’s blood is able to be ignited creating a bright flame which can be both lethal and non-lethal based on Nezuko’s needs. The non-lethal aspect can be used to actually heal others while the lethal aspect can be used to severely hurt demons and even damage their constructs.

The other exception to this rule is Genya Shinazugawa who due to his unique physical makeup can ingest demon flesh and gain the abilities of their owners. He was shown to even merge different blood arts together forming a new one and even gain their regenerative capabilities. It’s not explained in detail how he is able to achieve this but when he does consume demon flesh he even gains their appearance for a short duration. The demon arts that he gains allows him to severely damage demons depending on the nature of the gained ability. 

The blood demon arts are not invincible however and have their own limitations. Firstly the abilities that affect the mind such as making people sleep or see illusions can be counteracted by a strong will, on a normal human this may be difficult to do but for a demon slayer it’s not unheard of. Secondly, some abilities can be countered or somewhat mitigated by the breathing styles that demon slayers use, especially abilities that affect the body such as poisons. Finally, because all demon blood arts use the demon’s blood itself, they can be dispelled and combated using things that are naturally strong against demons such as the sun or a nichirin blade. 

Overall, the demon blood arts is the mark of a powerful demon and an indispensable tool for them to use against humans. The abilities go far beyond the capabilities of normal humans and can easily overwhelm an inexperienced demon slayer. Because demons are single minded in their hunger however we may have not seen these abilities evolve to the peak of their capabilities but seeing as how strong demons naturally are, that might be a good thing.

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