Demon Slayer: Sound Breathing Technique

Breathing styles are quite unique to their users especially since their conception originates from an individual trying to learn the sun breathing style but for one reason or another is unable to.

This forces them to adapt what they can into their own style thus creating a style unique to its user or creator. There are a few styles that fit this pattern such as the love breathing techniques and the insect breathing technique and in this article we’re going to cover another one which is the sound breathing technique.

History of the Sound Breathing Technique

In Demon Slayer, the sound breathing technique is derived from the thunder breathing technique and presumably created by the current Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui. There aren’t any cultivators or even other users of this style as the abilities and forms revolve a lot around Tengen’s own fighting style making it rather different from typical breathing styles. The techniques in the sound breathing style aimed to emulate sounds that are loud or overbearing with the aim of disorienting opponents. It also adapted the fast movement of the thunder style in order to take advantage of the enemies momentary disorientation to land a fatal blow seemingly emulating the speed at which sound moved. 

Tengen utilized a battle style that revolved around using his hearing to hear the actions of his opponents similar to a form of echolocation and through that discern the patterns of movement and attack they might use. Once he determines the right patterns he then attacks or defends accordingly similar to predicting the actions of the opponents and reacting to them using only sound as an input. This means that the style requires one to have a very acute sense of hearing to utilise it making it a good fit for Tengen as his hearing borders on superhuman.

Demon Slayer: Sound Breathing Technique Forms

We’ve only seen the sound breathing techniques used in only 1 fight in Demon Slayer and as such doesn’t show the total number of forms available to the style but what we do know is that at minimum there are 5 forms in total. The technique that were shown are as follows:

FormTechnique NameDescription
1RoarAn overhead ground smash that generates a large amount of force and is used alongside bombs creating an explosion and producing a thunderous sound
4Resounding SlashesA combination attack that is able to attack and defend at the same time. The user spins their swords while simultaneously throwing bombs.
5String PerformanceA reverse hand grip is used with one of the sword and with each swing of their blades the user releases more bombs increasing the power of each strike

Unlike other styles, the sound breathing style also utilizes several different equipment that is incorporated into the fighting style. The first is the unconventional nichirin blade which Tengen utilizes which takes the form of dual bladed cleavers. These blades are shorter than a typical nichirin blade but much larger as well as being connected by a chain at the end of the blades.

This allows Tengen to use them similar to nunchucks and attack in a circular motion or use them as normal swords. In addition, the size of the blades allow them to create significantly more force which aside from producing more power with each attack also allows Tengen to create explosive blasts when slammed on the ground or other objects. 

Dual Nichirin Blades

This is likely to allow the user to either create a distraction through the resulting sound and dust cloud and later utilise the sound breathing style to capitalize on a disoriented opponent. Users of this style also make use of anti-demon bombs that can cause further disorientation and confusion to opponents as well as damaging even an upper rank demon. All these tools, subterfuge and disorientation makes the style seem quite similar to a shinobi’s style of fighting and is likely how this style was first developed with Tengen combining his shinobi style but adapting it to combat demons. 

Weaknesses and Closing Thoughts

There aren’t any inherent weaknesses that this style has but its adoption requirement is likely to be a huge barrier for others who wish to learn it. The style requires users to have high levels of hearing ability as well as be trained in the shinobi fighting style to fully utilize it. Its likely few in the demon slayer corps meet this criteria and why Tengen is its sole practitioner. Additionally, there is a constant reliance of shinobi tools such as bombs in each of the attacks as a way to boost their powers and in a prolonged fight where a user can run out of these tools the effectiveness of the style can severely diminish.

While its not shown in the manga or anime, a superhuman hearing could also be used against the user as a sufficiently loud sound may overwhelm their senses leaving them disoriented or even incapacitated. Many multiple loud sounds such as thunder during a storm may distract a user if they are not sufficiently trained to separate different sounds.

Ultimately the style itself is quite powerful as Tengen is one of the few who was able to fight an upper moon demon without losing his life but does require a lot of training and skill in different tools and weapons to be sufficiently proficient at the style. A proficient master however is able to adapt to many circumstances and can prove quite lethal to any demons who wish to go against this style.

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