HunterxHunter: Killua Hatsu (Lightning Transmutation)

Killua Zoldyck from HunterxHunter is a master assassin from the infamous Zoldyck family and is a prodigy as early as age 11. In HunterxHunter, special abilities are developed through Nen and can be highly dependent on the individual and their experiences and making each Hatsu unique for each person. On this site, I’ve talked about many abilities and weapons but personally I have always liked the ones with a lightning theme the most as I think they are the coolest. Now nen itself has a lot of facets to it and Killua as a trained assassin will have even more abilities in his skillset but this article is going to cover only 1 which is his hatsu. Without explaining in detail a hatsu is an individual’s personal expression of their nen and in Killua’s case this revolves around lightning and electricity. Throughout the course of HunterxHunter Killua improves his Hatsu to incredible levels allowing him abilities that transcend his physical limitations while causing devastating damage to his foes.

As mentioned, a hatsu is the personal expression of a person’s nen and thus can be completely different from person to person as each individual has different affinities and varies in terms of creativity and how they apply it to the nen category they have the most affinity with. In Killua’s case he was able to transmute (since he has a high affinity for transmutation) his aura into electricity. It’s been mentioned by several high rank hunters that this is not an easy task to accomplish as transmuting aura into something else requires a lot of exposure to the substance or element the individual wants to create. Most people in HunterxHunter would spend years doing this but Killua developed his Hatsu in only a few months. The only reason Killua was able to do this was because during his assassination training he was constantly exposed to electricity as a way to withstand torture, as such his understanding of how electricity felt was already ingrained in him. 

Initially this ability required Killua to act as a battery and he had to charge himself with electricity before each battle and the electricity did not cause that much damage to its target but was able to shock and paralyze his targets which gave him openings or opportunities to attack.

Because of this battery like approach he could regulate the intensity of the electrical discharge and how it affects those externally. For example he could choose to severely electrocute an enemy target who touches him but for allies they might only feel a mild sensation. This electricity could be used in multiple ways, the simplest of which merely discharges the electricity as an attack and in more complicated applications allow him to surpass his physical limitations. He can also run a current through weapons and other equipment such as his yo-yo’s to increase his reach with the electricity. 

In HunterxHunter Killua also improves at his hatsu at a much faster rate and later on the intensity of his electricity vastly improved to the point where he is able to generate and release lightning bolts worth of electricity able to damage even a royal chimera ant guard and even led to him developing better abilities. At this point he could also shoot out lightning bolts as an offensive attack and still have enough charge leftover to still utilise his hatsu.

Aside from simply discharging electricity as an attack, Killua has been shown to use his lightning to augment his perception and reaction times. One example of this is his godspeed technique where he uses the electricity to increase his movement speed and augment his physical abilities. While this is active he can run as fast or ever faster than vehicles (estimated to be around 240 km/h) and was able to jump really high which allows him to cover great distances. During his fight with youpi he was fast enough to disappear from sight for a second before reappearing near youpi with an attack augmented by electricity.

This ability to augment his perception and reaction times goes beyond simply travelling faster as he is able to circumvent his nervous system and rely completely on his aura shroud for input on stimulus by surrounding his body with the electrically charged aura. What this lets him do is essentially immediately pick up a stimulus and have the right body part react instantaneously seemingly allowing him to counter before his opponent is able to even carry out their action. When using this heightened sense with whirlwind he is able to preprogram reactions and can respond to nearly anything a target does such as even taking a step or expanding some nen basically giving him ultra instinct. When this instant reaction is paired with electrically charged attacks it can cause devastating effects such as when it was used on youpi who was powerless to do anything and simply had to take the beating.

This ability however does have some drawbacks the first of which is that it still relies on having a charge to use. Killua has yet to be able to generate electricity on the fly or mid battle and requires charging himself either with a taser or an electrical outlet. Another issue is that Killua has mentioned that he cannot track the level of charge he has at any given time. These two issues ultimately cause him to be in great danger if the charge runs out mid battle as he will be unable to continue at the strength level and will force him to either disengage or risk a battle. The lightning also while great for paralyzing foes, does not do much damage to much sturdier foes and only ends up using the limited charge Killua has thus he has to be strategic with its use.

Lightning and electricity is one of my more favourite ability types in any anime or manga and seeing one of my more favourite HunterxHunter characters, Killua apply his hatsu into techniques like godspeed made me really fall in love with the ability and its application. I hope in the future we get to see more of this ability and i’m excited to see how much he is able to improve it and how far he can take it. 

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