Jujutsu Kaisen: Kento Nanami Abilities Explained

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Nanami Kento is ranked as a grade 1 sorcerer and is often regarded as the prime example of what a model sorcerer should be. Most of his techniques and inherent abilities are strong but require a large amount of finesse and ability to execute consistently. In this regard, his strength comes from his general skill and experience rather than having an overpowered ability like Limitless.

Cursed Technique: The ratio technique

Nanami’s curse technique requires precision and control as its abilities require him to be able to land accurate blows on his target and functions with a high risk high reward approach. His technique is called the Ratio Technique which allows him to forcibly create a weak spot on an opponent or target. He does this by visualizing a mark on the target which is divided into tenths and if he is able to hit the enemy in a predefined location on this mark it will cause significantly more damage similar to a critical hit.   

The requirements however are very steep and he needs to hit them on a point that measures at a 7:3 ratio along this visualized line. If he doesnt the attack would do as much damage as a normal hit and given his choice of weapon it may likely do no damage at all. While the visualized lines are created by Nanami they are not restricted by the actual dimensions of the target themselves and he can create them at whatever length he wants along any part of their body. As long as he is able to hit them at the right place the damage would still be done. 

An example of how strong this ability is can be seen during his fight against the special grade curse spirit Mahito. With a normal hit, he was able to completely tear off Mahito’s arm. This makes this ability also rather devious as most opponents would simply try to block an attack with cursed energy thinking it would be a weak hit but would be surprised when high damage is dealt and can catch opponents off guard. There also doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many times he can activate this ability making it extremely strong as long as he can consistently hit the targeted spot. A continuous barrage of attacks all hitting the critical point can utterly decimate an enemy with very little effort put in. 

Another technique we see him employ is collapse which targets weak spots in an object or person and can completely destroy it. It also charges the destroyed objects with cursed energy which can act as projectiles after the initial attack is done. We’ve only seen him do this when he enters his “overtime” state so it’s unsure whether he can use it under normal circumstances. When he used this ability, he was able to destroy a large wall of concrete with a single punch. Each of the debris from this wall was then charged with cursed energy making them somewhat projectiles that can be used against his opponents.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Nanami Kento Binding Vows

Throughout Jujutsu Kaisen Nanami Kento employs the use of 2 binding vows to exponentially increase his power, the first of which is by revealing one’s hand. This is a typical vow used by many sorcerers who will reveal the mechanics of their abilities to increase their effectiveness. In Nanami’s case though, revealing the functions of the ratio technique doesn’t really make the technique any more difficult to use as opponents can’t see the ratio lines anyway. 

The 2nd binding vow, overtime, creates a much more powerful effect.

During his fight with Mahito, Nanami revealed that during normal working hours he restricts his cursed energy output to only about 80-90% of its total value. When he goes past his working hours but is still carrying out his job as a sorcerer he can invoke this binding vow to exert up to 110-120% of his maximum cursed energy output. This boost gives him an increase in overall attack power and movement speed and because of his high cursed energy reserves is even enough to make Mahito, a special grade curse, get worried. He can however break this vow at any time he wants and function at 100% power but he would not get the extra boost as a result. 

When fighting with Ratio technique he employs the use of a blunt edgeless cursed sword as a weapon that is normally wrapped in cloth. It’s unknown if this weapon has any special properties that help boost his technique but its blunt edge is why the technique is regarded as high risk high reward. If he fails to hit the weak spot it’s unlikely this weapon would do much damage to the target unless he hits them with significantly more force. When entering his overtime state, he uses his tie as a cover for his wrist and knuckles but it’s unlikely that this is a specialized tool. Outside of these he does not seem to use any other equipment.

Effectiveness and Limitations

These abilities make Nanami Kento a rather balanced fighter in Jujutsu Kaisen as Ratio technique would allow him to severely damage curses if he hits the weak spots and in multi target fights it would allow him to save energy as he does not need to exert much force to have a lot of effect. His binding vows would also allow him to simply get stronger the longer the fight stretched and a combination of this with his ratio technique would enable him to fight large groups of enemies for prolonged periods quite effectively and only makes him more threatening as time passes by.

The limitations of the ratio technique however is the stringent requirement to activate it and if Nanami is not accurate in his attacks such as against an enemy who is faster than he is, the technique would not have much value and he likely would not be able to damage it. This can be countered by his overtime but would largely depend on when the fight started. Also against an opponent with rapid healing capabilities, unless he can continuously string together critical hits the enemy might just regenerate before a decisive blow can land. 

We have yet to see any domain expansion used by Nanami and he has mentioned that he has not yet reached this level of mastery. Based on his abilities, we can speculate his domain expansion would likely be something along the lines of ensuring critical hits regardless of location. 

This combination of generally efficient technique and strategic thinking is why Nanami is considered a model sorcerer and is a great example of how technique, skill and experience can be just as valuable as pure and raw power.

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