Jujutsu Kaisen: Satoru Gojo Abilities, Limitless

Satoru Gojo is one of if not the most powerful Sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen with abilities and raw power that come only once in several generations. He is currently a teacher at the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College and is a special grade jujutsu sorcerer. All abilities involve the application of an individual’s curse energy to a domain that they have control over and in Satoru’s case this domain is space itself.

Some abilities within Jujutsu Kaisen can be inherited through a familial bloodline and for Satoru this his inherited ability is called limitless which he inherited through the Gojo Family. Generally speaking limitless grants its user a near complete control of space up to the atomic level and through this Satoru is able to create multiple effects by manipulating the space around him. His application of this ability when combined with his curse energy can generate a different outcome depending on how he manipulates space and how differently he applies his curse energy.

The first ability to stem from limitless is Infinity which is a neutral form of his ability. Infinity creates a barrier that envelops Satoru’s whole body which creates the effect that anything moving towards him will get slower and slower to the point of stopping when they enter this barrier. He explains this ability by saying that it is as if there is an infinite distance between a projectile or person and himself and thus nothing may reach him no matter the amount of effort put in. In the past, he had less control with this ability and filtered out pretty much every foreign object when he activated this but through training he shows a much more refined control of the ability able to filter out specific objects by size, speed and even danger.

The second ability that stems from limitless is cursed technique: Blue which is created when he activates limitless with negative curse energy mixed in. This creates a vacuum effect at a location of his choosing as the mixture creates a negative space that reality will try to correct thus creating the vacuum effect by trying to forcibly fill this void. The force generated from this attraction was strong enough to pull 2 clones of a curse user strongly enough to fatally injure them upon contact. A more destructive version of this is where Satoru concentrates more of his energy to a singular point creating something similar to a black hole. He is able to move and direct this singularity causing tremendous damage to anything caught in it purely from the compressive force.

The third ability is Cursed Technique: Red created by infusing his ability with the opposite curse energy type, positive energy. This creates a repelling force which pushes away all matter in its vicinity and is typically fired in the form of a singular line or beam which can pierce multiple targets over a long distance. 

Typically in most inherited abilities, most other people who are aware of them tend to know generally how they work. Some opponents of Satoru, especially those from larger clans or families would be well aware of how Cursed Technique Blue and Red works. However Satoru has access to another variation or application of his abilities known as Hollow Purple. Hollow purple combines the effects of blue and red to form a singularity which he fires at an opponent. This distortion in space time, completely erases anything hit by it at the atomic level leaving no trace whatsoever. He can also fire this at an extremely long distance with it not losing potency after travelling this distance and was able to almost kill Hanami, a special unknown curse spirit in a single shot.

The strongest expression of a sorcerers curse technique in Jujutsu Kaisen so far is their ability to use of domain expansion and Satoru Gojo is one of the few sorcerers who is able to do this. Domain Expansion creates a separate space that allows its user to 100% hit their opponent with their abilities and his domain expansion is known as unlimited void. When activated the target is transported to another space where they are bombarded with an immense amount of stimulus. This renders their thinking process and movement completely stopped due to having to process this large influx of information which overloads their system. They essentially freeze in place, unable to act and Satoru is able to just kill them in this state if they don’t otherwise die from the information and sensory overload. Satoru has very fine control over this ability and is able to activate it for small amounts of time so as to not fully affect people he doesn’t want to attack or injure.

All these abilities are typically very taxing to the user due to how powerful they are and the amount of curse energy they use. However Satoru Gojo is able to fully exploit these abilities due to him possessing the Six Eyes, which while not much is known about its full abilities, allow Satoru to decrease the cost of his abilities in terms of curse energy usage to nearly zero or small enough that it is negligible. This is why he is able to presumably have infinity on at all times creating a facade of invincibility most know him for. It is uncertain how else the Six Eyes affect his current abilities but at the current date it’s implied they do more than just this.

Satoru Gojo is claimed by many to be the strongest sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen due to his abilities with many evil aligned characters simply staying in the shadows purely due to his presence. With abilities that provide the strongest offense and defense it’s not really a surprise he is seen this way. In the future we may see more applications of his abilities but currently he holds the title of strongest and for very good reason. 

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