Jujutsu Kaisen: Sorcerer Grade & Rankings Explained

Sorcerers in jujutsu Kaisen serve only 1 purpose.

They actively seek out cursed spirits and eradicate them in order to protect the general public from the dangers of a cursed spirit. 

Most of the sorcerer groups we see in Japan all follow a specific grading or ranking system to determine the threat level of curses as well as the skill of a particular sorcerer.

In this article we will explore the grade system of sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen: Sorcerer Grade & Ranking System

How does the ranking system work

The ranking system consists of a total of 4 numbered ranks with different intermediate levels between each numbered rank. They go from grade 4 to grade 1 with 4 being the lowest or weakest. Between ranks 3 and 2 is the semi-grade 2 rank and between grades 2 and 1 is the semi-grade 1 rank. Not much is explained about these intermediate ranks but they likely function as transitory periods between a sorcerer’s level of experience and potency or while they await official promotion. 

Grade 1 sorcerers are held up as the gold standard for what a typical jujutsu sorcerer should aim for and exemplify the right qualities and power levels. Most Grade 1 sorcerers we’ve seen are either experienced veterans like Nanami and Masamichi Yaga or exceptionally powerful students like Aoi Todo. Those classified in this rank are typically not overly powerful but are effective enough to be reliable at their jobs

There are a total of 2 ranks above grade 1 and they are the special grade 1 and special grade respectively. Special grade 1 sorcerers are elite members of the sorcerer community with extremely powerful abilities and proven battle experience. We have only seen a total of 4 people classified as this grade and all 4 of them hold high positions and are from the Zenin Family, a very well known family within the jujutsu community.

Above this is the very pinnacle of the jujutsu community, the special grade sorcerers.

While special grade sorcerers are afforded the highest rank, in truth their abilities and powers are far beyond the quantifiable limit. For all intents and purposes sorcerers who hold this rank are more akin to anomalies and are unique cases. There are only a total of 4 currently appearing in the manga with each one of them easily being able to turn over the jujutsu world on their own, a prime example being Satoru Gojo

Rankings are typically assigned to different people or objects as a way to quantify their strength or level of danger. They can be assigned to both a sorcerer or a cursed tool and are also assigned to cursed spirits but all 3 ranking systems behave slightly differently. Each classification holds a different meaning, for cursed spirits the ranking denotes their level of danger but also the level of sorcerer needed to exorcise them.

The ranking system within Jujutsu Kaisen is quite practical as a grade 1 sorcerer is given the grade once he has achieved strength close to a special grade curse. The idea is that a grade 1 sorcerer should always be stronger than a grade 1 curse making assigning jobs easier to manage. Due to this cursed spirit ranks are always graded lower in strength compared to a sorcerer so a grade 1 curse is always weaker than a grade 1 sorcerer. 

The exception to this rule are sorcerers and curses who fall under the special grade. 

As mentioned, human sorcerers who fall under the special grade are considered anomalies and extremely powerful, and this applies to curses as well. However because those who don’t match the standard rankings are typically just thrown into the special category, the difference in power between 1 special grade and another can be quite large. This isn’t much of a problem for human sorcerers but it makes it very difficult to gauge the danger level of a special grade curse. One example is when we compare Sukuna and Jogo, both of which are special grade curses but Sukuna is far above jogo in terms of strength. This doesn’t mean Jogo is not a threat however as he alone could fight several grade 1 and special grade 1 sorcerers.

This is why the special grade curses are difficult to deal with as officially the jujutsu community can only send similarly ranked special grades to deal with them without knowing the full level of danger. In terms of cursed tools, their grading is assigned similarly with increasing grades denoting more power each tool inherently holds.

Jujutsu Kaisen: How does a sorcerer increase their grade & their benefits

Increasing one’s ranks depends largely on their performance and would require a recommendation from a higher ranking sorcerer. So those looking to ascend from Grade 3 would need to have a Grade 2 sorcerer or higher recommend them for promotion. 

Students are also able to participate in the promotion system but their recommendation cannot come from their own teachers. 

For most of the ranks, their ascension relies entirely on the recommendation system but this is not the case for a grade 1 promotion. In order for a sorcerer to gain the grade 1 rank, they would first need to be recommended by 2 or more sorcerers who are at grade 1. Once this criteria is met, the candidate will need to shadow a grade 1 sorcerer on several missions and assist them in completing them. If they complete these tasks well enough they will attain the rank of Semi-Grade 1 and will be given another test. The final test will involve the candidate taking down a grade 1 curse by themselves and if they are successful can then increase their rank to rank 1.

What are the benefits of increasing grades?

Ranks typically are just a measure of how much trouble a sorcerer would face when facing curses. As such there really isn’t much tangible benefit to increasing in rank outside of being able to face tougher enemies. As most sorcerers are born into the jujutsu community like the main families or join because they want to help others, most don’t really care too much about ranks and it isn’t really used to issue orders or anything.

The only benefit that comes to mind is that a higher ranking sorcerer will have access to more difficult missions which come with more lucrative rewards. So for those who are more money minded this may provide a good incentive to climb in ranks.

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, the ranking system in jujutsu kaisen was born from a practical need rather than just a method of power scaling. The system in universe allows the sorcerer communities to deal with a threat with the appropriate response. This may change in the future as the manga is still far from over but its unlikely that the ranking system would have much significance to the bearing of the story as those at special grade are near to impossible to gauge in terms of strength and ability

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