Jujutsu Kaisen: The 4 Special Grade Sorcerer We Know So Far

In a previous article, we talked about the different grades or rankings sorcerers can have in the jujutsu kaisen world.

Most of these ranks were formed out of practicality and are used to gauge the best candidate to send for a particular job. At the very top of the rankings are those with the rank of special grade, who are sorcerers with so much power and strength they practically break the scale.  

In this article we are going to go over the 4 known special grade sorcerers that exist in the jujutsu kaisen world and briefly go over their abilities and powers.

Jujutsu Kaisen Special Grade Sorcerer: Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo is the current and only member of the Gojo clan and is single handedly the strongest sorcerer seen in the series so far. He is so strong that despite being a one person clan, the Gojo clan is still considered one of the top 3 families alongside the Zenin clan who have multiple high grade sorcerers.

When Satoru Gojo was born, the shift in power balance was so severe that most people considered to be on the dark side of jujutsu literally went into hiding. His existence alone was enough to deter many from acting out evil deeds and since his sealing has caused tremendous turmoil in the JJK world.

In Jujutsu Kaisen Satoru Gojo is the first special grade sorcerer we are introduced to and he possesses the 2 most powerful abilities in the Gojo clan which are the limitless innate abilities and the six eyes. Limitless allows him to manipulate space itself and bend it to his will. He is able to materialize the concept of infinity which he has used offensively and defensively. Using infinity he is able to create a barrier that is impenetrable as well as manipulate space around himself and his opponents to completely decimate anyone he targets. We’ve covered his abilities in a separate articles previously which you can read here but suffice to say limitless is all manner of broken

Limitless isn’t without flaws however.

A limitless user without the six eyes isn’t able to utilize it to its full potential but luckily for Satoru Gojo he has those too. The six eyes aren’t completely explained in the manga at the time of writing this article but what it allows Gojo to do is to use it in conjunction with limitless to reduce the amount of cursed energy required to utilize its abilities. He functionally reduces the cost of each ability to an infinitely low value that it’s practically zero.

What this means is that it’s as though all his abilities have no mana cost allowing him to use them continuously without tiring. 

This combination of overpowering set of abilities and little to no curse energy cost means that Satoru Gojo can easily overwhelm his opponents through sheet output alone and is the primary reason why his enemies opted to seal him instead of fighting him head on. This is also why he is one of the 4 known people to carry the special grade ranking.

Special Grade Sorcerer: Suguru Geto

Suguru Geto was the past friend of Satoru Gojo and together they were thought to be an unbeatable pair. Geto was an extremely talented sorcerer who believed that the strong should protect the weak. This changed however as his story progressed and he came to the realization that normal humans were not worthy to exist alongside sorcerers who he thought were the more superior group. Because of this he fanaticized the idea of eradicating normal people and ushering in an age of only sorcerers or those with curse energy which put him squarely at odds with his friend Satoru Gojo.

While Geto did not have the broken abilities of Gojo, his curse spirit manipulation ability was extremely versatile and had many layers of functionality. His abilities were strong enough to even be coveted by Kenjaku, one of the primary antagonists of the series. 

Geto’s abilities allowed him to summon and control cursed spirits and utilised their abilities for his own use. He achieved this by turning a cursed spirit he had exorcised into a black sphere slightly smaller than his palm which he had to ingest. After doing so he would have access to the cursed spirit and could call on it whenever he wanted. There doesn’t seem to be any limitations on the number as well so Geto could potentially have an army of cursed spirits at his disposal if he wanted to.

The most powerful thing about this ability is that, if the cursed spirit was above a certain grade he could use a subset of his technique called Uzumaki to extract the cursed technique of the spirit and keep it for his own. This basically means that not only can he steal abilities from others, potentially giving him multiple abilities, he can also summon multiple curses to fight for him.

The ability to have multiple techniques and act as a one man army is why Geto is so extremely dangerous especially when paired with this mentality of normal humans being weaker. Suffice to say while Gojo is a one-man nuke, Geto is an army by himself and why he is rated as a special grade in the Jujutsu Kaisen story

Special Grade Sorcerer: Yuta Okkotsu

Up till this point we’ve covered 2 sorcerers within the JJK world that are categorized as special grades due to the overwhelming power granted to them by their techniques. Yuta Okkotsu is the exception in this article.

In most manga and anime, power systems are always backed by some otherworldly power source. Naruto had chakra, Bleach had reiatsu, HunterxHunter has nen and in JJK that power source is cursed energy. Both Gojo and Geto had powerful abilities backed by exceptionally strong techniques but Yuta Okkotsu is strong purely because of his cursed energy reserves. As of the current chapters, Yuta possesses so much cursed energy that its volume can simply overwhelm others without the need to channel that energy to a technique.

Using this cursed energy, he essentially clads himself in armor that amplifies all his attacks to ridiculous levels and at the same time keeps him protected at all times. He uses the energy to augment his physical capabilities as well allowing him to move extremely fast, faster than even a projection jujutsu user like zenin. Yuta is not a case of refined technique but flat out overwhelming power.

He also has the cursed rika, a cursed spirit so powerful it was called the queen of curses and may even have gave Sukuna a run for his money. Previously this spirite would manifest itself whenever it wished or if Yuta was in significant danger but after returning to Japan Yuta has seemingly gained far greater control over it. Originally the spirit was that of his childhood friend Rika Orimoto who became a vengeful cursed spirit due to certain circumstances but it is unclear at the time of writing whether the spirit manifested by Yuta now is the same vengeful spirit as before.

He is also able to copy other peoples cursed technique to a certain degree having copied the Toge’s cursed speech technique but a far stronger version due to his immense cursed energy reserves

During his “fake” fight with Itadori, the latter commented that while most combatants are easier to read due to how they have to apportion their cursed energy right before an attack or defensive move, Yuta does not do this as he is constantly outputting an extremely high volume allowing him to attack and defend without having to apportion the energy accordingly.

This doesn’t mean that he cant run out however, as by his own admission in a prolonged fight he would eventually run out of energy reserves while someone like Gojo can keep fighting infinitely.

Jujutsu Kaisen Special Grade Sorcerer: Yuki Tsukumo

Yuki Tsukumo is the last special grade sorcerer on this list and is by far the one we know least about

All we know of her currently is that she is rated as a special grade but the details of her abilities and techniques are largely unknown. She also happens to be Aoi Todo’s mentor, who by himself is already a highly capable sorcerer which speaks volumes to her ability or at the very least he capability in guiding others. 

She was also seen advising Suguru Geto and discussing her beliefs with him on the sorcerer world as well likely showing that she has a lot of experience in how their world works. During this time that she was first shown, there is seemingly a fish like cursed spirit floating around her that could be tied to her abilities but its unclear on the purpose of said fish.

While most on this list are shown to have extremely powerful abilities, it doesnt necessarily have to be the case in order for one to be rated as a special grade. It could be likely that her abilities may be supportive in nature but extremely potent in the right circumstances to warrant her the special grade. A good example would be someone like Master Tengen who has little battle prowess but tremendous supportive ability.

Other than this there is not much else known but there is no doubt that she will be an integral player in the upcoming culling wars.


Most graded into the special grade are those individuals who far exceed that scaling that is normal within the sorcerer world.

They have abilities and powers that are hard to quantify and likely have no known limit between these 4 people as their abilities can continously become better without limit.

With the introduction of the culling game, ressurection of past sorcerers and the whole JJK world thrown upside down, its likely this grading system will become more populated with sorcerers new and old that now become impossible to quantify. In addition, characters like Sukuna exists that further widen the gap between ordinary sorcerers and strongers ones to the point that in the future the grading system may become completely obsolete.

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