Kimetsu No Yaiba: Flame Breathing Technique

In the demon slayer movie, Mugen train we were shown how powerful a Hashira can be

This hashira was the flame Hashira Rengoku, and in the movie we got to see his Flame breathing style being used against an upper moon demon, one of the most powerful demons in the anime.

The style was no doubt impressive and in this article we are going to go into further detail and explain the different techniques and abilities it has.

Kimetsu no Yaiba: History of the Flame Breathing Style

In Kimetsu No Yaiba, Flame breathing was first shown to us as a breathing style is intense set of attacks and movements that emulate the destruction that can be caused by flames but also the ferocity and passion that comes with every attack.

Throughout the course of the main storyline, we are not shown how the training or development of this style first started. We do know that like all the major breathing styles, the flame style is an offshoot of the sun breathing style developed by the first demon slayer. In total there are 3 known users of the style with 2 being from the same family and the other using a branch version of the flame breathing referred to as love breathing.

Throughout the anime and manga there were no cultivators shown and we can assume that this breathing style may be uniquely connected to the rengoku family as the previous and current flame hashira as well as practitioners are Shinjuro Rengoku and his son Kyojuro Rengoku. Kyojuro himself had learnt the form directly from his father and completed his training by himself through practice and reading instruction books left by previous flame hashira. This makes it more likely that there are few if any cultivators of this breathing style and most likely were fully known by the Rengoku family alone. 

The fact that the ninth form is called rengoku further lends to this theory.

Users of this style visualize creating and manipulating bright and intense yellow flames when using the techniques with each attack being quick and explosively powerful. The flames the are visualized appear to be quite similar to the Sun breathing style so what exactly is the difference?

The way I see it is that the flames from the sun breathing style represent a more everlasting fire and are continously burning for long periods while the flame breathing style visualize flames that are intense and powerful but last only a short duration. This is quite evident when we examine the philosphy and fighting technique of each style where Sun Breathing style techniques continously loop and create a chain of never ending attacks whereas the flame breathing style techniques are extremely fast, singular blows.

They both use flames but each represents a different fighting philosophy with the sun breathing continously building on it self while the flame building destroys opponents with a single move.

Flame Breathing style techniques and abilities

Most of the flame breathing techniques are powerful single target strikes accompanied by rapid unidirectional movement which allow the user to move extremely quickly and fast enough to produce aftereffects that mimic flames burning anything he passes through. This makes the style have an effect of burning the opponents the user is fighting, causing further damage after the initial attack lands. 

The movement abilities granted by the style also rapidly increase the speed in which the user is able to move. During the events of the Mugen Train Arc, Kyojuro was able to move through several train cars in an instant and when defending civilians from being eaten he alone was able to protect up to 9 train carriages by himself while a lower number required Nezuko and Zenitsu to team up, the latter of which used the thunder breathing style which focuses on quick and rapid movements but was still unable to keep up with Kyojuro. 

During Kyojuro’s fight with Akaza the 3rd rank of upper moon demons, we see him make use of a total of 6 forms from the flame breathing style but in total there are 9 forms, 3 of which were not revealed. The techniques that were seen are shown in the table below

FormTechnique nameDescription
1Unknowing FireA dashing attack where the user charges through the air at extremely fast speeds and decapitates anything in their way
2Rising Scorching SunA upward vertical slash that creates a ring of fire
3Blazing UniverseA downward vertical strike that generates a large amount of flames
4Blooming Flame UndulationThe only defensive move shown where the user creates a circular vortex of flames that can block any incoming attack
5Flame TigerA multistrike technique that combines to generate a large flame tiger which charges directly at opponents at high speeds
9RengokuThe user dashes in the direction of the enemy at extreme speeds which were powerful enough to leave the ground burnt behind them. Upon reaching the target a powerful slash using the built up momentum is unleashead.
Flame Breathing Style Forms

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Flame Breathing style weaknesses

Much like other Demon Slayers in Kimetsu No Yaiba, Flame breathing isnt without its weaknesses.

The style itself while powerful has a seemingly large defensive gap as there was only 1 technique shown that served as a defensive technique. The attacking techniques also do not seem to build on each other like sun breathing or can be mixed and matched like the water breathing style meaning that between each attacking technique a gap would be created which opponents can exploit through the use of continuous attacks.

Form 9: Rengoku

In addition, if the user isn’t powerful enough to break through the defenses of an opponent there is no way to further augment their attack power as flame breathing techniques release all their attack power from the very start of their attack instead of a gradual increase like the sun breathing style. The style also doesnt seem to be well suited for long engagements as the longer the fight drags and the more damaged the user becomes the less efficacy the techniques have.

Despite this the Flame breathing style is still very powerful and against anything lower than an upper moon demon, most other opponents would get immediately overwhelmed by its sheer speed and power. Rengoku was also especially talented as a Hashira having self taught the style to himself through books and hardwork. Because of this he was able to mostly make up for these limitations and show off the true power of the Flame breathing style.


Overall this style heavily favours offensive attacks with the aim of ending a fight as quickly as possible. While the techniques are not multi-hitting the speed the breathing style grants more than makes up for this. The style is visually stunning with bright yellow flames erupting with each attack. Its unfortunate that Rengoku was unable to face Muzan with this breathing style as the overwhelming power of this style would without a doubt cause alot of problems for the king of the demons.

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