Kimetsu no Yaiba: Flower Breathing Technique Explained

Introduction & Background of the Flower Breathing Style

The flower breathing style is one of the few that are extremely scarce in terms of users

Very few seasoned practitioners use the technique and it is not shown often in the manga or anime making any information on it rather limited.

The flower breathing technique is one of the first styles that we will cover that is not directly developed from the sun breathing style. This means that instead of building its technical style around aspects of the sun breathing style it instead incorporates the characteristics of an off branch style. In the case of the flower breathing style it is an offshoot from the water breathing style

This style has a total of 2 known users, Kanae Kocho and Kanao Tsuyuri, both of whom only showcase the style in short instances with Kanao Tsuyuri showcasing it during only 1 fight. This makes it rather difficult to determine the nuances of the style or to speculate on the philosophy of the fighting style. There were also no known cultivators shown throughout the main story which means that it’s likely this style was handed down internally within family members seeing as how the 2 main users are from the same family. 

While this is likely the case we can surmise some physical requirements required for the style as Shinobu, Kanae’s sister didnt learn the style herself eventhough they are from the same family and has mentioned that due to her lack of physical strength he has had to develop her own style being the insect style. As such we can assume that there must be some baseline strength required to properly utilize the technique

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Flower Breathing Style Techniques

In Kimetsu no Yaiba, techniques from the flower breathing style tend to emulate very flexible and graceful movement further showing the influence of the water breathing style during the development on this style. Users of this style prioritize agility and grace and visualize their attacks creating and manipulating flowers of different colours and variety.

The techniques are mostly circular in motion due to this and allows the user to appear graceful in their movements as each attack flows naturally from one action to another. Each movement is also meant to act as subterfuge with many movements appearing as feints to hide the true killing blow emulating the flower petals that are visualized when the user attacks that are seemingly meant to distract the target.

The style is also unique in that it’s one of the few breathing styles that allows the users to heavily augment a particular part of their body similar to the thunder breathing style which focuses on legs and feet. The flower breathing style on the other hand allows its users to augment their vision and eyes in their final form which we will get into later. Due to the lack of users and fighting scenes it’s unclear how many forms in total there are in this style but based on what we have seen it’s likely that there are no less than 7 techniques in total with the final form being the 7th. The known techniques are as follows:

FormTechnique NameDescription
Second FormHonorable Shadow PlumA fixed stance circular attack where the user stays in one location and creates several rotating slashes the can deflect incoming attacks
Fourth FormCrimson HanagoromoA front horizontal slash that generates power from the twisting of the users body
Fifth FormPeonies of FutilityA multi strike attack where the user unleashes 9 attacks ion quick succession that converges onto the target
Sixth FormWhirling PeachAn attack that is combined with acrobatics and can simultaneously be used to dodge and attack the target
Final FormEquinoctial Vermillion EyeA technique that enhances the users vision using the breathing technique which allows them to perceive

As mentioned previously, the user of this style is able to augment their vision and this is done through the use of the final form, Equinoctial Vermillion eye where the user focuses their breathing technique to enhance their vision allowing them to perceive their surroundings much faster than others making it seem as though they are in slow motion.

The technique is a double edge sword as straining the blood vessels in the eyes too much can cause irreparable damage leading to partial or even complete blindness. The only user seen with this ability is Kanao Tsuyuri who was able to fight on par with an upper demon rank 2 albeit at the cost of her vision.

Interestingly this is the only style where we have seen an actual final form as other styles do not have anything similar.

Flower Breathing style Weaknesses and Closing thoughts

The only weakness this style may have is that its attacks value fast, graceful coup de grace type moves but may lack overall power. This may not be sufficient if faced against an opponent with high defense where a decisive killing blow is required. In addition, while the final form of this breathing style allows the user to view things in slow motion, this does not mean their body is able to keep up with this increased visual prowess. Unless the user is sufficiently trained to move at such speeds they may only be able to perceive the slow movement of others but will be unable to take action.

This breathing style is nonetheless still powerful and its trump card allows the user to go toe to toe against many high level demons. However, given a situation where the opponent can tank through the damage, it lacks the ability or power to deal the decisive blow that can win the user the fight. The subterfuge ingrained into the style may prove beneficial in team fights as the user can layer many feints into their attacks to hopefully create an opening a teammate can exploit.

Because there arent that many users of this style the intricacies of its battle prowess will not be obvious. Add to the fact that the only known practitioner is still a demon slayer in training there may be more to the Flower Breathing style in Kimetsu no Yaiba.

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