Kimetsu No Yaiba: Moon Breathing Technique

Breathing techniques we’re mostly developed was a fighting technique that evolved into a combative tool against demons.

The majority of its users are from the demon slayer corp and even the original founder of this technique, Yoriichi Tsugikuni adapted it to allow him to contend with demons. For the most part, its a general rule that the abilities of the demon slayers stemmed from breathing techniques while demons used their blood demon art

In this article we will cover the singular exception to this rule in the whole of Kimetsu no Yaiba, the moon breathing style.

History of the moon breathing style

There are many different breathing styles and each was developed when their original users combined the breathing method taken from the sun breathing style into their own fighting style. Much like these other styles, the moon breathing styles also started off this way but ultimately evolved to becoming the main weapon of one of the strongest demons.

Towards the end of Kimetsu no Yaiba we are shown that the moon breathing style was developed by Michikatsu Tsugikuni the older brother of Yoriichi Tsugukuni, who was the creator of the sun breathing technique. He initially created this style as he was unable to fully utilize the sun breathing technique so instead compensated by changing and varying the styles to fit his own strengths and limitations. Michikatsu later became the demon known as Kokushibo, the upper moon rank 1 demon and continued to develop this style using his demon abilities to further improve it.

Because of how powerful and unique this style is, no other practitioner exists outside of its creator, Kokushibo.

While Kokushibo was still human he even lamented this and said that after he died the style would die with him making him deeply regret his path as a swordsman due to having no legacy and leaving nothing behind for others to remember him. This was a large reason why he chose to become a demon in the first place as he could continue to refine his swordmanship and live on. Most of the techniques from that point evolved to account for his newly gain abilities as a demon.

Due to Kokushibo’s nature as a demon it is unknown whether a human could even use moon breathing techniques as the style has heavily changed to incorporate his demon weapon as well as kokushibo’s blood demon art in its attacks and movements. 

It nevertheless still remains a breathing style and with that incorporate several techniques or forms that can be used.

Kimetsu No Yaiba: Moon Breathing Style Techniques

Throughout Kimetsu no Yaiba, the moon breathing style is shown to be the breathing technique with the most known techniques as Kokushibo has spent over 400 years improving his art and by the time of the main story boasts a total of 16 techniques.

The style itself aims to emulate the shape of a crescent moon with its attacks and thus contains many techniques that are large sweeping cuts able to hit multiple targets in a single movement. Kokushibo’s blood demon art further augments this fighting style as it allows him to create multiple crescent moon blades of varying sizes that radiate from his sword swings which act as miniature constantly spinning blades much like buzzsaws.

Eighth Form – Moon Dragon Ringtail

Each of these blades can constantly change in size, rotate in different directions and damage others as effectively as his own blade can. With each swing multiple crescent blades in blue and yellow are generated along the arc of the sword swing that rotate and spread out causing his attacks to be extremely difficult to dodge or block and having an insanely huge area of effect. Pair this with his demon physiology and 400 years of combat experience and you have an extremely powerful style wielded by a very dangerous opponent.

Each form of the known 13 forms have increasingly more range and power as they go up in number and by the seventh form and above the crescents appear blue rather than yellow as well as increasing in number and ferocity. At the higher numbered forms each attack can fill an entire room with multi-sized blades from a single swing and appearing extremely chaotic.

The 13 known forms as mentioned are as follows:

FormTechnique NameDescription
1Dark Moon, Evening PalaceA quick draw technique where the user creates a single wide arc horizontal slash that produces several crescent blades
2Pearl Flower MoongazingProduces several barrages of crescent blades used mostly to defend from other attacks
3Loathsome Moon, ChainsA rapid crescent slash that creates 2 large arcs and several small crescent slashes
5Moon Spirit Calamitous EddyA fast omnidirectional slash that is layered on top of each other producing a rising column of fast moving sword slashes
6Perpetual Night, Lonely Moon – IncessantA huge area of effect slash produced from a barrage of slashes that was strong and wide enough to effect a large room
7Mirror of Misfortune, MoonlitA crescent shaped slash that creates several shockwave like slashes that move along the floor
8Moon-Dragon RingtailA huge frontal slash many times larger than kokushibo
9Waning MoonswathsA technique used when his sword takes on a longer and multibladed form that produces many slashes in unpredictable directions
10Drilling Slashes, Moon Through Bamboo LeavesA form that creates a twister of blades and useable when his Kokushibos sword takes a longer form
14Catastrophe, Tenman Crescent MoonKokushibo extends the length of his blade and makes several large sweeping attacks that create several omnidirectional slashes that cover a huge area around him
16Moonbow, Half MoonA barrage of vertical slashes that creates 6 powerful attacks that crashes down on his opponents.

Due to the unique characteristics of this style, I feel I also have to mention the weapon that is used by Kokushibo when using the moon breathing style as it is also quite integral to his fighting style. The weapon used is a flesh katana called Kyokokukamusari meaning the Hollow Cry of the Godless.

The katana itself is made of his own demonic flesh in the shape of a nichirin blade and throughout the length of the blade are multiple eyes that increase his field of vision as they are directly linked to him. As the blade is made of flesh it is also able to morph and transform into varying lengths and even create protrusions that act as multiple blades that branch from the main blade.

This unique katana allows him to further increase the range of his attacks as it has the ability to morph on command making it extremely difficult to gauge his true range. The blade is also able to repair itself if damaged or broken allowing him to continue fighting should something like this happen.  

Closing thoughts for the moon breathing style

The style takes the saying of a good defense is a strong offense to insane extremes as it seems to have been designed to have immense and unrelenting attack power. There doesnt seem to be many weaknesses as the goal of the user is simply to overpower their opponents leaving little room for retaliation. However it wasnt clearly shown whether the crescents that were created through his demon blood art were capable of harming Kukoshibo himself but if they were it would make it far more difficult to use given the breadth of his range and the potential of self harm.

Despite this the characteristics of the moon breathing style makes it one of the most offensively powerful abilities and style which took the combined effort of 4 demon slayers, 3 of which were Hashira working in tandem to defeat Kokushibo. The style itself is very clearly created by Kokushibo to outdo his brother which even by his own admission before his death he could get nowhere near in terms of swordsmanship prowess.

Regardless, the moon breathing style however is without a doubt one of the most powerful styles we’ve seen in Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Kokushibo cutting Genya’s arm.

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