Kimetsu No Yaiba: Sun Breathing Technique

The Sun is typically the symbol of power, passion and the circle of life.

These attributes encapsulate part of the human condition and is a good representation of the meaning behind human existence. In most comics or manga with supernatural or fantastical settings there is always a power system that allows their characters to perform superhuman feats or to combat powerful enemies.

In Kimetsu no Yaiba this is no different and there are 2 main power systems depending on which faction you belong to, for the demon slayers its the use of breaths.

In this article we will cover the progenitor of these fighting styles, the Sun Breathing technique.

The very first breathing technique

Throughout Kimetsu No Yaiba we see many different breathing techniques but the very first one developed is the sun breathing technique which was first developed by Yoriichi Tsugikuni, an exceptionally talented swordsman who at a very young age was able to see the transparent world, a state which only the most powerful combatants were able to attain. Access to the transparent world allowed him to see the effects of effective movement and breathing on the body.

Because of this Yoriichi knew that adopting different breathing methods allowed his body to perform at higher levels and slowly developed the basis and principles of what would later be known in Kimetsu no Yaiba as the sun breathing technique.

Initially the breathing technique evolved only as a way to allow Yoriichi’s body to perform at a higher level but as he got more experience in combat and later on began fighting demons the kata or movements were further developed and adapted to better combat demons who have abilities and movements that were not considered natural. This progression happened as Yoriichi adapted and sought to replicate the very nature of the sun in combat against demons as it was their one true weakness.  

The sun breathing style during the events of the Kimetsu No Yaiba story was mostly extinct as most demon slayers were now using an offshoot branch of sun breathing such as fire breathing or water breathing.

This was because Yoriichi Tsugikuni was unable to fully pass down the breath style to other users as very few had the talent to receive and utilize it fully. However, the technique has survived to the present day due to it being passed down by the Kamado family through their heritage known as the Hinokami Kagura or the dance of the fire god.

This dance was essentially the movement set of the entire sun breathing style in the form of a dance which was passed from father to son in the Kamado family as a right of passage. The Kamado family was able to do this as Kamado Sumiyoshi was shown and taught the style by Yoriichi Tsugikuni directly as a gift to his family and has since passed it down each generation to honor their family friend. 

As such the main users of this style exclusively only involve Tanjiro Kamado during the events of the main story. Presumably all the Kamado family up to Sumiyoshi is also able to perform the sun breathing technique however only Tanjiro and his father have been shown to use it in actual combat with the former fighting demons and the latter using it to protect his family from a bear. 

Kimetsu No Yaiba: Sun Breathing Style Techniques

As mentioned the abilities and the kata developed for the sun breathing technique evolved through the need to combat demons and pulls inspiration from the sun itself. The sun breathing technique is completely unique from all other breath styles as its pattern, techniques and movements are designed specifically to combat the king of the demons, Muzan Kibutsuji. Users of this style tend to visualize flames that originate from the sun that are orange and yellow in colour emanating from their attacks and their techniques are circular in shape and motion. 

Altogether there are a total of 13 distinct techniques to this style with 12 of them being named and the final 13th style being unnamed. The twelve named techniques and their descriptions are as follows

NoTechnique nameDescription
1DanceA single high-powered vertical slash that is powered through the torsion of the users body.
2Clear Blue SkyA 360 degree horizontal slash which creates a ring of fire
3Raging SunA combination moved that involves 2 horizontal slashes which can be used to attack or defend
4Fake RainbowA high speed movement technique that can create after images and is mostly used to dodge and disorient opponents
5Fire WheelA spinning attack where the user creates torsion using their body midair followed by a spinning cut
6Burning Bones, Summer SunA frontal attack where the user creates multiple circular motions that forms a cone that can deflect and cause damage to opponents
7Sunflower ThrustA straighforward thrust of the blade
8Solar Heat HazeA misdirection that appears as a horizontal attack. The technique will seem to not land on the first attack but in reality is delayed and actually does hit.
9Setting Sun TransformationA reverse vertical attack where the user backflips and performs a slash from bottom to top. It allows the user to retreat while still attacking
10Beneficent RadianceA powerful slashing attack that can surround the enemy
11Dragon Sun Halo Head DanceA very fast moving and multihit technique that is visualized through the formation of a flaming dragon. The technique can simultaneously decapitate several enemies at a time
12Flame DanceA two-combo strike that starts with a vertical strike followed by a horizontal strike

The thirteenth form is completely unique as no other breath style has anything even remotely close to it. In most other breath styles, the named techniques tend to be used as singular attacks that are chosen to fit a particular circumstance. Each technique is not linked to another and tends to be standalone abilities. The thirteenth form of the sun breathing technique however is not a singular technique but rather forms when a practitioner uses the other 12 techniques one after another and loops them continuously. This creates an endless loop of attacks which become faster and more ferocious as time goes on giving the user incredible versatility and power and was later discovered to be extremely powerful against the king of the demons, Muzan. 

In fact the chaining of the 12 techniques that forms the 13th technique was specifically developed to combat muzan who unlike other demons possesses seven hearts and 5 brains that he can move on command. The 13th technique allows a sun breath user to target all 12 of these vital organs in one continuous flow of techniques by repeating each step non-stop until Muzan is dead. This enables a practitioner of sun breath to single handedly fight muzan where other styles would require the effort of many people in order to target these multiple vital organs. 

The Sun Breathing Style Weaknesses

There are currently no known negatives of this breathing and fighting style when it comes to combating demons except for possibly the scarcity of practitioners during the main storyline. In fact, the main character Tanjiro was unable to discern its full capability and was only able to unlock its full power after getting a glimpse of his ancestors memories and viewing the style being used by Yoriichi Tsugikuni himself. It also seems quite difficult for others to learn this breathing style as most others that try to learn it end up developing other styles such as fire, water or wind as they could not fully adapt to the style and chose to instead pick up aspects of it instead. Even Yorichii’s own brother was unable to fully learn the sun breathing style and instead developed the moon style for his own use. 

As it is the main style that birthed the other multiple styles, we can assume that when used to its full potential it’s much more powerful than other styles in comparison. However there is one case where partial use of this breathing style was used in tandem with another to augment it such as when Tanjiro used it in conjunction with water breathing style to gain the benefits of both styles at the same time, however he could not do it for long.

Kimetsu No Yaiba: Sun Breathing Style Conclusion

Overall, as the sun breathing style is the original style and was developed as the very top of sword technique, there is no doubt that this breathing style is one of the most powerful ones in the Kimetsu no Yaiba. The strength of the style was such that very few could even learn and master it to its full potential. The previous flame pillar upon realizing its existence lost all motivation to continue as he realized the limitations in all the other breathing styles and without the ability to learn the sun breathing style true power could not be attained further enforcing the strength the original breathing style possessed.

While the style was thought to be mostly extinct, it was the preservation of the Kamado family’s friendship with Yoriichi that the style survived and was instrumental to the defeat of the demons. Through the thousands of years combating demons, the sun breathing style stood as the pinnacle of anti-demon swordsmanship and is without a doubt the strongest breathing style.

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