Kimetsu No Yaiba: Wind Breathing Technique

Wind in manga and anime is often shown to have characteristics that can cut and sever and is often represented to be an offensive element.

The wind breathing technique is one of the 5 main breathing techniques that is directly derived from the sun breathing style and is shown to be the most offensive style sacrificing a lot of defense for raw attack power.

In Kimetsu no Yaiba, users of the wind breathing techniques are very rarely seen with only 2 users mentioned and only 1 ever shown in battle, the wind hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa.

In this article we will go into deeper detail regarding this style, its history, fighting style and techniques.

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Wind Breathing Technique history & general details

The wind breathing style shares a similarity with most other breathing styles in that they trace their origins from the sun breathing style when the original user combined the breathing style to their own fighting style and thus developed an offshoot based on the aspects of the sun breathing style. This was done as most were not able to fully learn the sun breathing style due to its high requirements.

When we compare the 2 styles, the wind breathing techniques leans more towards offensive techniques when compared to the sun breathing style which is more balanced. The techniques and fighting style favour quick and unrelenting attacks even if the user is taking damage. The wind breathing style also is said to be reminiscent of the real life Jigen-Ryu style which places a lot of emphasis on landing a powerful first strike and solidifies the logic of the style being offense focused.

Not much is known about the training that is required to learn this style as no cultivators or other users were shown but during the hashira training regiments, Sanemi, the wind hashira, focused more on building body strength to withstand attacks. It’s unclear whether this was a unique training method used by wind breathing practitioners but if it were, it’s likely an attempt to strengthen the body against any blowback or counterattack that could result from the use of these techniques seeing as they lack in defensive stances.

In fact during the fight with the upper moon, Sanemi was seen taking an inordinate amount of damage whilst dealing plenty of blows himself further proving that this style heavily favours offense at the total disregard for defense while the user was attacking. His body being covered by countless scars further lends to this theory.

That being said, the fighting style we see from Sanemi could be the wind style but adapted by Sanemi to fit his unique characteristics. Sanemi has exceptionally unique blood which can paralyze demons when they smell it which could be why he is more open to receiving damage. He combines this with the power of the wind style to defeat demons by decimating them with powerful attacks after they are caught under the influence of his blood.

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Wind Breathing Style Techniques

The techniques that are part of the wind breathing style all use wide arcs and circular motions in their attack patterns. They are seen as gusts of wind or tornadoes with multiple blades radiating from the user in a rotating fashion each capable of severely damaging an opponent continuously.

In Sanemi’s case each attack is visualized as a green torrents of wind. While the techniques are often seen as offensive techniques, Sanemi has used these defensively by brute forcing or using an equal amount of force to offset an opponent’s attack negating them. The form also requires some measure of acrobatics from the user as Sanemi was shown to jump, spin and even backflip around in order to execute an attack. It’s likely that this is due to the philosophy of the style emulating the very nature of wind in that an attack can come from any conceivable angle and favours agile movements

Each of the techniques also seem to cover a large area which makes this style somewhat useful in fights there there are multiple demons at a time. The large area of effect and unidirectional nature of some its techniques also mean the user can be less precise in attacks since they have a larger chance of hitting.

In total there are 9 techniques

FormTechnique NameDescription
1Dust Whirlwind CutterA frontal dash that creates a horizontal cyclone that can cut through most things
2Claws-Purifying WindA downward cross-slash that produces 4 claw-like wind slashes
3Clean Storm Wind TreeAn omnidirectional circular attack that produces a whirlwind around the user that can defend the user by cancelling out the enemies attack. It was strong enough to contend with the moon breathing style techniques
4Rising Dust StormAn upward slash that consist of multiple attacks
5Cold Mountain WindA circular attack the revolves and grows in size taking on a spiral pattern
6Black Wind Mountain MistA rising slash
7Gale, Sudden GustsA slash which generates a powerful torrent of wind which is capable of cutting and severing targets in its path
8Primary Gale SlashA circular attack similar to form 3 but the user is moving past the opponent in one motion while the target acts as the centre of the cyclone
9Idaten TyphoonAn airborne attack that requires the user to flip into the air and slash downwards producing slashing winds that come down on their opponents

Despite this styles’ clear favour of offensive moves, it becomes very powerful when used in combination with other breathing style users who are able to create openings and defensively cover the wind user. For example during the fight with Kokushibo, the stone breathing style user Gyomei Himejima was able to fight in tandem with Sanemi and cover his blind spots allowing the wind hashira to go all out on offense nearly overwhelming the Upper rank demon.

Weaknesses and Closing Thoughts

As highlighted throughout this article, this style seemingly favours a more offensive approach to battle and this is inherently its main weakness. The wind breathing style leaves the user open to receiving damage in exchange for the opportunity for them to inflict massive damage to their opponents, this is fairly evident in the fight between Sanemi and the upper moon demons as throughout the fight he was taking increasingly more damage but at the same time dealing quite a significant amount to upper moon demon 1. During his battle with muzan this was also seen however Muzan also dealt significant damage to other Hashira as well due to his overwhelming strength.

Because of its focus on offense, the user must be either exceptionally adept at dodging or risk taking damage. In situations where constantly dodging is not feasible the fight becomes a battle of attrition on who can survive longer and while this might work for weaker demons, it was fairly evident that high ranking demons such as kokushibo and muzan who have one shot capabilities getting hit is likely to take one out of a combat permanently. This makes the style somewhat weak for those who are unable to remain agile throughout a fight.

In Kimetsu no Yaiba, the wind breathing style is heavily centered around powerful attacks with massive attack ranges and is likely useful when fighting multiple lower demons as the user is able to defeat them before taking on the risks associated with a more offensive styles but in fights where the opponent is stronger this style is clearly a high risk high reward style.

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