One Piece: Goro Goro no mi, Devil Fruit Overview

Lightning is a beautiful yet dangerous natural phenomena that occurs when two electrically charged regions in our atmosphere neutralize causing a huge electrostatic discharge.

In popular media and games we see many examples of lightning based attacks being used due to how powerful lightning is.

In this article we will examine one such instance of this power in the One Piece universe, The Goro Goro no mi.

What is the Goro Goro no mi?

The Goro Goro no mi or the Rumble-Rumble fruit is a Logia type devil fruit that was first seen used by the main villain of the Skypiea arc, Enel who first appeared in Chapter 241. The fruit itself has never been shown in the manga or anime thus we do not know its appearance. This fruit is thought to be one of the strongest logia fruits and was mentioned by Robin to give its owner near invincible powers. 

The fruit gains its name from the sound used to describe the rumbling of lightning and as such bestows to its user the abilities to generate, manipulate and become lightning itself. As a logia, the ability to become lightning allows the user to become intangible and let any physical attack simply pass through them remaining unscathed. Any attacker would also be shocked by the lightning as they pass through it causing them further damage and possibly incapacitating them for a short duration that would allow enel to counter attack.

This ability to become lightning also affords the user an additional ability in that he is able to merge with nearly any material that is able to conduct the electricity and either travel through them at increased speeds like in a transmission line or use them as protection by staying inside a solid object.  

Devil Fruit Abilities and Techniques

In terms of offensive uses, Enel uses the Goro Goro no mi’s abilities to generate varying voltages of electricity to shock his opponents that start off at 1 million volts and can go all the way up to 200 million volts. These attacks even at 1 million volts is more than sufficient to incapacitate a normal person while the high ranges of the attack is able to decimate an entire area or outright destory a sky island in one attack.

An example is his El Thor ability where he concentrates large amounts of lightning over a target and fires the lightning downwards causing massive damage and can be performed at range without him needing to physically be present. He can also generate devastating lightning storms that rain lightning down on an area called mamaragan. These abilities grant him long range capabilities to strike at any opponent even before they are able to see him and the reason why many in skypiea fear him. 

The lightning can also be formed into various shapes for attacks such as a dragon or a wolf. Most of these are use in smaller attacks but generally achieve the same effect as each shape is still composed of lightning. Likely different forms are given as they make it harder for enemies to dodge or anticipate the movements of such forms as the lightning behaves similar to the animal they take shape in

Enel also combines his lightning generation ability with the Ark Maxim, a ship he has built that further augments his powers. With the aid of this ship, Enel is able to use abilities such as Raigo where he creates a huge spherical cloud of pure lightning that was powerful enough to completely destroy a sky island. Finally when pushed to a corner, Enel is able to take the form of a lightning god made of 200 million volts of electricity which increases his destructive powers even more whilst in this form. 

Using the heat generated from the lightning, Enel can also reshape metals to take any form he desires to be used as a weapon. This is typically used with his gold trident which he uses as a piercing weapon. This ability to transmute and reshape metals is what allowed him to build and operate the Ark Maxim.

The lightning powers also give him the ability to pick up on the static or electromagnetic waves in the air which allows him to generate a radar sense and is able to hear conversations and determine the actions of people in a large range around him. What’s even crazier is that the user is even able to restart their heart using the electricity in the event that their heart has stopped. It isn’t explained if Enel is able to use this multiple times in a row but the fact that the fruit functions even after a cardiac event is proof of its power. 

Weaknesses, interaction and Closing Thoughts

The versatility and power the fruit provides its user is why the fruit is given the reputation of being invincible and why it gave Enel a god complex. However, in the world of One Piece, there are many different combinations of devil fruits and one may not know how one ability will react to another.

Much like how we mentioned smoke and fire cancel each other out when discussing the Mera Mera no mi, the Goro Goro no mi has a unique interaction with the Monkey D. Luffy’s devil fruit the Gomu Gomu no mi. Because Luffy is a rubber man, the lightning attacks from the Goro Goro no mi has absolutely no effect on him due to how rubber is a natural insulator. In addition, due to this insulating property Luffy is able to attack enel and completely nullifies the intangibility that the logia affords its user.

This would mean that the Gomu Gomu no mi is the direct enemy of the Goro Goro no mi and is its only known weakness outside of the standard weaknesses such as haki or sea prism stone.

Aside from this singular weakness to the Gomu Gomu no mi, the Goro Goro no mi is exceptionally powerful and against most normal combatants can easly overwhelm them. This was fairly evident as nobody in skypiea could rivel enel when we was just using basic attacks. Unless a person had access to haki, it would be near impossible for them to go against enel making the fruit one of the more powerful abilities you can get in One Piece.

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